4 thoughts on “Updated Timeline

  1. Hi Robert – if you go to the admin version of your post, click on the pencil ‘edit’ and then check the box which says “open in a new tab”, then readers can click on the image and see it at full size.

    Hope this helps.

  2. Robert, one difficulty I have accepting your timeline is that I can see no evidence in the manuscript for much variation in the composition or quality of the inks and pigments – something which would certainly occur in the usual way, if a text or series of diagrams were inscribed at different times over a long period. The pigments could have been added at any time, I suppose, especially the heavier sort, but as things stand, I find it difficult to see how the diagrams could have been added over quite such a long time-span. This, of course, quite a separate thing from my having reached rather different conclusions about the nature of these diagrams and the significance of this or that detail.

  3. Hi, Diane– I’m aware of the problem with viewing the timeline; I just have not gotten around to correcting it yet. Besides, I want to make further changes first.

    Your conundrum disappears when one considers a late date for the book’s creation. I think it was made circa 1850 – 1900 by someone not known to history. The astronomical and/or astrological events are not predictive, but collected from various sources and refer to an event or events that already happened.

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