Folio f67r2

f67r2 Interpretation

f67r2 Conjunctions

f67r2 Star Chart Astrological Conjunctions

Star Chart f67r2 and f68r3 02

The place names just below the moons have been laid out on a map, and the lines drawn between them create a pentagram:

Europe Pentagram

The path of the solar eclipse from f67r1 has been added. It crosses over Vienna, which the pentagram’s main line (the one with 6 places) passes over.

It is also noted that two lines cross at 50N, 10E. I don’t yet know what significance this has, if any.

Europe Pentagram -Eclipse Path

Here is the same overlay on a modern map: The projections are slightly different, so they don’t match exactly.

Eclipse Path Modern Map Pentagram Overlay  01

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