Voynich Fonts

New to the MediaFire folder (link to the right, under VMS Research Links) are four Voynich fonts: Frogguy, Currier, EVA, and Voy-101. It seems difficult to find them online, so I’m making them available here.

Personally I use the Voy-101 font and transcription for research, but for presentation use EVA because it looks better.

Does the VMs Protect Itself?

Now for a short foray into insanity before I get into my next subject.

I’m starting to think that the book has a spell on it protecting its secrets from the general public. The experiences I’ve had are subjective, but that’s what they add up to.

Robert Firth’s Notes Part 15, An Account of a Curious Dream Concerning the Voynich Manuscript was the first indication that might be the case. (The Notes can be accessed through Elmar Vogt’s blog. Well worth reading for early research.)

I’ve had success cracking labels in the Astro section (and a few elsewhere). Nothing happens while I’m working, but whenever I try to communicate the method to others, emails don’t go through or are delayed, files are corrupted or missing, or something crops up that distracts.

Once posted, the proposal gets little response, and what others do say focuses on something other than what I am saying, or what is important. I compound the problem by getting annoyed and frustrated and letting it show. Not because it isn’t immediately accepted and praised by all, but because I write fiction that gets good reviews, and am a professional story editor, so I know I can write clearly. And yet no matter how carefully, simply, and completely I explain, it is misunderstood. The fault may be entirely mine, but I have trouble believing it.

I had my own Voynich-related dream some months ago.

In a nutshell, I was visiting an old, 3-story red brick school I had attended. I wandered around reminiscing, then heard a particular person I wanted to see again.was still there. I went to his room but it was locked and I was told that if he wanted to see me, he would come out.

He did so, and took the form of a (real) favorite teacher in high school who taught biology. We talked about the Voynich for a while, then he asked if I wanted to read it. He handed me a copy, and we walked to the cafeteria and sat down. I leafed through it, saw the missing folios, and everything was in the English alphabet. Unfortunately, you can’t read in a dream, so I learned nothing new. I handed it back and he left. Later I wanted to talk to him again, but he wouldn’t see me.

There is one physical thing that happens. I wear a jade Chinese dragon my wife bought me for good luck. It dangles from a short loop on a thick cord around my neck. I’m right-handed, so I use that hand to open the clasp when I put it on.

But sometimes when I’m preparing to share my Voynich work, I find the loop has gotten tangled in the clasp. When I take it off to untangle it, the cord has somehow reversed itself, and I have to open it with my left hand. The cord won’t go over my head, so that shouldn’t be possible.

If those Entities from Firth and my dreams are responsible, maybe I should take a hint.

Alphabet Note

Here is my version of the letter-set for the Voynich alphabet. The layout follows Mike Roe’s Generic Word.

As I will discuss later, the values turn out to be the 20-letter Latin alphabet, plus “k”. EVA q is a special case. The so-called ‘platform gallows’ are combined letter values, as are those with #15 and #16 attached.

I have also determined which ones might be used as numbers, but so far have not found any examples.

My Voynich Research

The article in Sky and Telescope magazine years ago is what alerted me to the existence of the VMs. I found it to be fascinating, and after several months of research joined the main email list. My 10th anniversary there is on 21 Dec 2012, so that will be to blame for the end of the world. : )

A few years ago I was invited to join the Journal of Voynich Studies, an online journal and library (link in the sidebar) with important research available. I felt honored to be taken seriously enough to get the invite.

My work was also mentioned in Kennedy and Churchill’s book The Voynich Manuscript. I even made the index! : )  However, what is there is outdated now.

The dating of the vellum a few years ago to 1404-1438 provides a lower limit  to the creation of the book, but does not preclude a later date.

I work primarily with the Astro/Cosmo section, and to a lesser extent the Zodiac and Recipes sections. (I agree with GC that the Recipes section is an Almanac, so I will be using that term from now on.)

It is my contention that the Astro section depicts real astronomical events, as well as astrological interpretations of them.

I have recently had the idea that the Zodiac section might be a detailed analysis of the events depicted. For example, If each nymph represents 1° of the sign, then the stars with tethers might represent a comet and where they appear together is the comet’s path through the sign. I haven’t yet started investigating this idea.