Voynich Geography

The page for f67r2 above has been updated. New versions of the Interpretation file and the Conjunctions file have been posted.

This folio takes the waxing gibbous phase of the moon when concurrent with the Aries/Taurus part of the sky and makes it circular. It is a recurring event.

This is also the connection between the event in the sky at 07Tau on 7 December 1486 and the earth: the star labels are the “realm of the stars”, the moons the “realm of the planets”, and inside the circle is “the circles of the world”.

The twelve words just below the moons were decoded as places in Europe, and a map showing them has been added at the bottom. Lines drawn between them form a hexagon whose center point is Vienna, Austria.

The meaning of the words below them has not been determined.

Note on f68r2

As I understand, the stars of the nearby open cluster named the Hyades have names, but no particular name has been given to a particular star.

If my label interpretations are correct, the VMs author did so on folio 68r2:

Hyades Comparison

The numbers are from the Voy-101 transcription. The unlabeled star has not yet been interpreted.

Label Encoding Note

Here is the label encoding method in a more graphic form, using Aldebaran as the example.

The encoding starts with A in the red section, then moves left to right, finding L and D,  then to the bottom row to find E, and continues left to right.

Rectangle Letter Find

Aldebaran Encoding Box

The grayed-out R and A were encoded, then later removed. If that was not the case, the N would be in the green section.

Update on f68r1

Encouraged by the success of the corrected encoding method, I have applied it to the six stars in common with Apian 1540 (see the diagrams on the page labeled f68r1 above).

Five of the stars are new to the encoding process, and all were perfect, adding evidence for the utility of the process, and the correct identification of the stars.

The encodings have been appended to the paper and uploaded to the MediaFire folder.

Label Encoding Method

I have uploaded to the MediaFire folder (link to the side) a method for encoding the labels.

Along with it are the three “magic rectangles” and files with the results on f68r3 and the collected Aldebaran labels.

The method is demonstrated on 19 labels total. Not all of the problems have been solved, and there is still a lot to do.

Letter Values Set 1

In my label work I have found there are three sets of values for the labels, but none work on the regular text.

Below are the values for what I have designated as Set 1. These were the first I had luck with on f68r3, and as can be seen, are not complete. Set 2 is completed, but Set 3 still has 5 values missing.

Note that “4o” can have a value of “AL”, the beginning of many star names, and that EVA iiin is “IUM”, a common Latin ending.

As has been determined by others, it is not a simple substitution. The multiple values for some letters follows Philip Neal’s work. My reasoning is: if the Voynich letters are interchangeable, the plaintext values should be as well. This raises the “degrees of freedom”, but I will address that later.

I have, at this writing, nearly 100 labels cracked. So far, star labels are star names, many archaic (as might be expected). On f67r2 the twelve words under the moons are country names, eight of which no longer exist.