Encoding and Decoding Example

On the Encoding Method page I have replaced what was there with the first example of encoding and decoding.

This is Aldebaran, the label by the large star in the upper left pie slice of f68r3. Both encoding and decoding use the same letter table, with encoding taking place horizontally, and decoding vertically.

At the moment I have six other labels from f68r3 that encode and decode the same way.

There are still problems, such as there is no way of distinguishing which of the three letter value sets is used for a particular label other than trial and error. Also the problem of converting from Voynich letters to English letters. But I’m working on them.

Thoughts and comments requested.

Voynich Geography

The page for f67r2 above has been updated. New versions of the Interpretation file and the Conjunctions file have been posted.

This folio takes the waxing gibbous phase of the moon when concurrent with the Aries/Taurus part of the sky and makes it circular. It is a recurring event.

This is also the connection between the event in the sky at 07Tau on 7 December 1486 and the earth: the star labels are the “realm of the stars”, the moons the “realm of the planets”, and inside the circle is “the circles of the world”.

The twelve words just below the moons were decoded as places in Europe, and a map showing them has been added at the bottom. Lines drawn between them form a hexagon whose center point is Vienna, Austria.

The meaning of the words below them has not been determined.

Simplified Encoding Method

Here is a very simplified version of my VMs encoding method that gives all of the essentials of how it works. A PDF version has been added to the MediaFire folder.


The plaintext word in this example is “and”.

1. The word’s letters are moved vertically to a position directed by the letter table.
2. The letters are moved to the right and reassembled vertically in the new order.
3. The word is returned to the horizontal.
4. The plaintext letters are replaced with Voynich letters.

Encoding Method









The method is simple, elegant, and will decode as well as encode.

For some reason the text editor will not keep the formatting visible in the edit field, so I have replaced it with a jpg. Refer to the PDF for the entire entry.

Scroll down to the 14 April 2013 post to see the method using the actual letter table and a label.

Major Update

I am adding as individual pages my interpretations in the Astro section. Some of them are incomplete as far as labels go. A few have not yet been studied, and will not be added.

Hopefully the viewer will be able to see the connections between the folios. I think the Author’s purpose in this section was to study and understand the mystical meanings of astronomical events in the Aries/Taurus area.

Label Encoding Note

Here is the label encoding method in a more graphic form, using Aldebaran as the example.

The encoding starts with A in the red section, then moves left to right, finding L and D,  then to the bottom row to find E, and continues left to right.

Rectangle Letter Find

Aldebaran Encoding Box

The grayed-out R and A were encoded, then later removed. If that was not the case, the N would be in the green section.

Label Encoding Update

I am currently running the twelve labels on f67r1 through the encoding process. I have finished nine so far, and of them one has a letter-out-of-place error. So the success rate continues at ~80% (29/35). Of the remaining six, all have just one letter out of place: A, E, E, I, R, R.

I am still doing encoding instead of working out the decoding because it is simpler. Once finished, a label also has a 2nd level of encoding– the Voynich alphabet. Right now there are too many variables that need pinning down, and the more encoded labels I have to work with, the better.

I am beginning to think that, while it can be decoded, the book wasn’t meant to be; that the Author could read it as is. Also, if the errors are in the text and not my method, then he either didn’t notice or didn’t bother to correct them.

Label Encoding Method Update

The other day I discovered a mistake that prevented the smooth encoding of labels from the Astro section– I had transposed two letters in the Latin letter frequency arrangement. Once that was fixed in the encoding rectangles, many of the problems disappeared.

There are three sets of letter values as reported by other researchers, and three encoding rectangles. Not all of the values have been determined.

I have uploaded the modified method file to the MediaFire folder (link to the side).

Of the 22 encoded labels presented, only five have a misplaced letter error, for a success rate of ~80%.

Label Encoding Method

I have uploaded to the MediaFire folder (link to the side) a method for encoding the labels.

Along with it are the three “magic rectangles” and files with the results on f68r3 and the collected Aldebaran labels.

The method is demonstrated on 19 labels total. Not all of the problems have been solved, and there is still a lot to do.