Voynich Geography

The page for f67r2 above has been updated. New versions of the Interpretation file and the Conjunctions file have been posted.

This folio takes the waxing gibbous phase of the moon when concurrent with the Aries/Taurus part of the sky and makes it circular. It is a recurring event.

This is also the connection between the event in the sky at 07Tau on 7 December 1486 and the earth: the star labels are the “realm of the stars”, the moons the “realm of the planets”, and inside the circle is “the circles of the world”.

The twelve words just below the moons were decoded as places in Europe, and a map showing them has been added at the bottom. Lines drawn between them form a hexagon whose center point is Vienna, Austria.

The meaning of the words below them has not been determined.

4 thoughts on “Voynich Geography

  1. Hi, Linda–

    I read over your paper, and have a hard time seeing many of the correspondences. But that is true of other such attempts as I’ve seen as well.

    That section is not one I’ve done much research in. I did try to find a way to connect all of the folios as a giant picture, but had no success.

    Your ideas are as reasonable as any I’ve seen. Keep up the good work!

  2. Hi Robert, thanks for the kind words. I’m working on more detail at the moment and hope to correspond imagery better in the followup, as I have heard that from others as well. If possible, can you let me know the worst of these so I can attempt to lay them out better? Thanks again. By the way I find your 67r2 map very interesting, many of the places seem to correlate to those mentioned in my paper as well. I plan to do a map soon of the tour outlined in my paper, which might make things easier to understand, I’ll let you know when that is done in case it shows further correlations.

  3. Hi Robert.
    I’m trying to credit your idea that the month-roundels connect stars and geography. Which reference would you like me to cite?

    emailing me is probably best, if you wouldn’t mind.

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