Does This Look Like Voynichese?

Hoax 01

I wrote this using my “workaround” method, which lays out the text and lets the researcher change letter values at will to look for sensible text. It does not require the usage of the encoding/decoding method.

The letter values are “Set 4”, used in the paragraph text. Sets 1 – 3 are used in the labels.

Here is the text in the workaround format:

Hoax 02


I would be very interested in hearing what others think. Thank you.

1 thought on “Does This Look Like Voynichese?

  1. All I want to say, is that there seems to a correlation by the author between human an plant life. Because there are drawings that have the stems of plants cut into sections. And other drawings depict what appears parts of the human anatomy.
    I dont think that the women who appear to be swimming/bathing are necessarily in a bath type situation. Perhaps they are considered linked to plant life. A “mother earth” train of thought by the author.

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