Graphical Timeline

The written file of my dates for the Astro folios is fine, but here they are laid out on a timeline for better presentation.

I think this is an example of “a picture is worth a thousand words”.

Voynich Timeline

The tightness of the date clustering surprised me too.

The 1533 comet may be within the Zodiac range, as it is within 76 years (1° of precession) of 1471.

Yet Another File Added

Uploaded to the MediaFire folder is a revised version of “Dating of the VMs Zodiac Section”.

Essentially, using the changing positions of the stars due to precession, I have determined the most likely date of it’s creation: 1471 – 1500.

This range covers the majority of dates I’ve found in the Astro section.

New Page

I’ve finally gotten around to drawing folio 67v1 and presenting my interpretation of it.

I currently think it depicts the supernova of 1572, with Tycho Brahe in the center. The Tycho animation (link above) is related to this folio.

The date is not in line with the other dates found, being about 90 years later. I’ve currently no idea why this should be, but personally I find the evidence supporting the interpretation convincing.

Voynich Fonts

New to the MediaFire folder (link to the right, under VMS Research Links) are four Voynich fonts: Frogguy, Currier, EVA, and Voy-101. It seems difficult to find them online, so I’m making them available here.

Personally I use the Voy-101 font and transcription for research, but for presentation use EVA because it looks better.

Major Update

I am adding as individual pages my interpretations in the Astro section. Some of them are incomplete as far as labels go. A few have not yet been studied, and will not be added.

Hopefully the viewer will be able to see the connections between the folios. I think the Author’s purpose in this section was to study and understand the mystical meanings of astronomical events in the Aries/Taurus area.