Note on f68r2

As I understand, the stars of the nearby open cluster named the Hyades have names, but no particular name has been given to a particular star.

If my label interpretations are correct, the VMs author did so on folio 68r2:

Hyades Comparison

The numbers are from the Voy-101 transcription. The unlabeled star has not yet been interpreted.

Label Encoding Note

Here is the label encoding method in a more graphic form, using Aldebaran as the example.

The encoding starts with A in the red section, then moves left to right, finding L and D,  then to the bottom row to find E, and continues left to right.

Rectangle Letter Find

Aldebaran Encoding Box

The grayed-out R and A were encoded, then later removed. If that was not the case, the N would be in the green section.