Label Encoding Update

I am currently running the twelve labels on f67r1 through the encoding process. I have finished nine so far, and of them one has a letter-out-of-place error. So the success rate continues at ~80% (29/35). Of the remaining six, all have just one letter out of place: A, E, E, I, R, R.

I am still doing encoding instead of working out the decoding because it is simpler. Once finished, a label also has a 2nd level of encoding– the Voynich alphabet. Right now there are too many variables that need pinning down, and the more encoded labels I have to work with, the better.

I am beginning to think that, while it can be decoded, the book wasn’t meant to be; that the Author could read it as is. Also, if the errors are in the text and not my method, then he either didn’t notice or didn’t bother to correct them.

Update on f68r1

Encouraged by the success of the corrected encoding method, I have applied it to the six stars in common with Apian 1540 (see the diagrams on the page labeled f68r1 above).

Five of the stars are new to the encoding process, and all were perfect, adding evidence for the utility of the process, and the correct identification of the stars.

The encodings have been appended to the paper and uploaded to the MediaFire folder.

Notes on f67v2

There has been a lot of discussion and controversy about this folio, and with good reason.

I agree with those who say it’s a set of diagrams of planetary conjunctions. I also think the Author was trying to make it 3D, but didn’t know how.  So using Paint.NET, I have finally gotten around to drawing what I think he(?) was going for:

I hope this is clear; my drawing skills aren’t the best.

3D Projection

The outer trees are shorter, which they would be because of perspective.

To demonstrate this interpretation, see the page Folio f67v2 above.

This might be related to f68v3, which I think is a diagram of the Universe as it rotates around the Earth.

Label Encoding Method Update

The other day I discovered a mistake that prevented the smooth encoding of labels from the Astro section– I had transposed two letters in the Latin letter frequency arrangement. Once that was fixed in the encoding rectangles, many of the problems disappeared.

There are three sets of letter values as reported by other researchers, and three encoding rectangles. Not all of the values have been determined.

I have uploaded the modified method file to the MediaFire folder (link to the side).

Of the 22 encoded labels presented, only five have a misplaced letter error, for a success rate of ~80%.