My “Whole Voynich” Theory

What follows does not account for every detail and folio, and is subject to change without notice.

The Voynich Manuscript is a private work encompassing the Author’s ideas of Life, the Universe, and Everything. It is encoded because he felt he had found a Great Truth, and wanted it kept to himself.

The Rosettes foldout, f86, is the centerpiece, a map showing places and things of importance.

It is oriented with East at the top, as indicated by the right-side-up (rising) sun in the upper left, and the upside-down (setting) sun in the lower right. A T-O map in the upper right corner confirms the orientation. T-O maps are also used for orientation on folios f67v2 and f68v3.

The top center, middle left and right, and bottom middle circles are astronomical, while the remaining outside circles are terrestrial. The middle circle is the access to the Biological Section.

The upper right circle has a castle, some other buildings, and a beach between them and the waves crashing in.

The lower right circle has a field and jars from the Pharmaceutical section. This is where the plants in the Herbal section are grown and processed.

The Biological Section, i.e. the Bathing Nymphs, encompasses the sciences of Meteorology, Hydrology and the metascience of Alchemy.

At the top of folios f75r, f78r, and f79v is the earth’s surface, with water running off underground where the Nymphs renew it and send it out again, as envisioned by the system of pipes around them and on the Rosettes foldout.

Rain is falling at the top of f84v, and is controlled and directed by Nymphs, as seen on f79v, f80v, f83r and f83v.

Folio f85r2 shows the cycle of time; birth, life, death, renewal.

Folio f68v3 shows how the Universe rotates around the earth.

The Astronomical section shows two comets, a total solar eclipse, four planetary conjunctions, a supernova (anomalous to the dating of the other events), and an important conjunction of the moon with stars in the Aries/Taurus region.

 The Zodiac section lays out those events against the signs using a graphical coding. The Zodiac starts with Pisces because that sign is involved with the events, and it would be inconvenient to have it at the other end of the section. Aries and Taurus are split to allow more room for the events depicted.

The Recipes section is an Almanac, as suggested by Glen Claston.

6 thoughts on “My “Whole Voynich” Theory

  1. I don’t understand how the presence of the rising and setting sun – ordinary east and west – tell you what point the map is oriented to. All maps have an east and a west; some are oriented north, others south and some also oriented east. What led you to conclude this was oriented east? (Ps the other marks are the ‘clock-face’ looking one for south, and the thing you call a t-O map is just the north emblem. It may be divided into three, but it’s no T-O map. T-O maps don’t have roads joining them to external, real places. Or any places for that matter, since a T-O map represented the whole flat earth and encircling ocean. No where else to join to, you see.

    • In the mapping conventions I’m familiar with, the direction of a map’s orientation is at the top. If the Rosettes map was oriented North, for example, the rising sun would have been on the right, and the setting sun on the left.

      How can you say with certainty that there is a “road” connecting this “north emblem” to the rosette? To me it looks like an artistic way of re-enforcing the orientation by connecting it to the real places. The lines along the “road” are even pointed toward the rosette, like we would use an arrow.

      There is a word in all three sections, which to me confirms the T-O map idea. Can you provide an example of this “north emblem” you mention? It doesn’t seem familiar.

      • robert, the easiest way to reply is to refer you to the posts where I’ve just written several thousand words on the subject of the emblems used for their directions, their antecedents, implications and so forth.

        But I didn’t comment as an excuse to advertise my own work, so I expect you’ll look it up if you feel like it.

      • If it’s too much work for you to give a single example supporting your assertion when you know where it is, it’s far too much trouble for me to scroll through several thousand words and dozens of links looking for it, even if I still had the posts.

      • sorry – I just didn’t want to seem like one of those people who comment only to advertise their own site. But mine is at
        There’s an Index too, to help find specific posts. It’s a separate page in the top bar.


  2. I think it is very simple. Each word is code for another word. These are not the only codes. Each page and line are coded too. But I am preety sure, that there is not anything important in these texts. It is just the encrypted masterpiece. That was the main reason of creating this book. Author was probably sure, that the people with their standard thinking won’t find the answer soon. By that time he could earn some money by performing it. Simple as that.

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