f68r1 Paragraph Update

Due to family problems, my research has had to take a back seat for some time now, and I’m hoping to get back on track soon.

But I have discovered this: the 3rd word in Line 3, EVA <Shey> always comes out as “the”, no matter what other words I use as a crib. The “Sh” and the “y” swap the values “T” and “E”, but the “e” is almost always “H”.

By Philip Neal’s letter substitution rules (see below), “Sh” and “e” have two values, and “y” has one. Currently the other value of “Sh” is “C”, but I have not found the 2nd one for “e”.

My current crib words are “COMET” and “MOON”. I’ve found words that fit: a five letter word with five different letters, and a four letter word with three, one of them doubled. The letters in common allow the translations, and it’s a matter of determining (read: guessing) which other values go with which other letter. Then spread those values to the rest of the paragraph.

I’ve just started this version, but another word found is the 2nd word of Line 2, EVA <otChl>, which comes out as “OMEN”.