Opening Comments

Hello, and welcome to my blog about the Voynich Manuscript.

I‘m finding the learning curve here to be a bit steep, so forgive me if I mess things up until I’m used to this. I took a long time to think about it before making the plunge, and even now I’m not sure about it.

I don’t “do” social networking. I don’t have a Facebook page, I don’t Twitter, or any of that. I have always resisted the idea of blogging simply because I didn’t think I had anything to say that anyone would want to read. While that might still be true, I think things have changed.

Another reason I’ve decided to start blogging is because I want feedback and commentary, and to this point have had a lot of trouble getting it.

I don’t know how often this will be updated, since I plan to concentrate on getting my ideas and data out, and a lot of it simply isn’t ready for publication.